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Why Should You Buy A Steam Shower?

A steam shower in many ways does as it says in the name, its combines the functions of a steam room and a shower enclosure in one. Simple? If only, I'll try very briefly (if possible) try to summaries just some of the extra factors that a steam shower enclosure could bring to your home.

  • Aromatherapy - Every steam shower we sell, includes a special inlet allowing aromatherapy oils to be added to the steam. This feature means you can enjoy all the health and relaxation properties that aromatherapy has to give
  • Large Monsoon Shower -Ranging in size, but each one far superior to a standard shower head on a riser, enjoy the complete overhead, drenching experience the a true monsoon brings
  • Digital touch Screen And Remote Control - Forget buttons there a thing of the past, you wouldn’t have an old brick-like phone if you could have a top of the range touch screen! Why would you? With a sleek remote control to match, you can simply start your steam cabin running waiting for you without even entering the bathroom.
  • Foot Massager - You won't find this is a steam room at the gym. Clips discreetly away on the wall of the shower when not in use, a foot massage complete with massaging rollers and water jets for the user to run there feet back and forth over. A foot massager is specially design to relieve tired muscles and helps circulation.
  • Multimedia  - CD connection, radio and even a connection for a phone. Integrated FM radio and CD connection hooked up to the powerful speaker in the roof ensures the user will always have plenty to occupy there mind in the steam shower enclosure, you'll have some explaining to do through the built in microphone in the control panel if someone rings you up on a summers day when the monsoon shower and radio are going, ''Where are you? It's not raining here?''
  • Overhead And Spot Lights  - Every unit we sell here at steam shower installation comes with some type of enviroment enhancing lighting, weather it be the overhead lights or the LED mood lighting, against a crisp white backdrop or dark mirrored glass you cant go wrong.
  • Sharp White Acrylic Or Mirrored Back glass  - Whatever you preference, whichever your bathroom is missing. weather its the sharp crisp white classic look you want or the modern comtempory look of the dark mirrored glass, each one gives your bathroom the elegant and sophisticated feel.
  • Massage Jets - Full adaptable and controlled body jets are a great way to massage the body and help relieve stress and tension in the muscles. High pressure water, gentle massages the muscles helping relax you and improve circulation.
  • Steam  - The biggest feature of a steam shower is of course the steam, every steam shower cabin comes with a powerful generator which sits behind the unit and disperses steam into the cabin. If you have ever been in the steam room at the gym, then you will know just how enjoyable and relieving a steam showers can be. Add the aromatherapy and then simply melt away along with your stress and worries.

 steam shower

Wow factor to your bathroom

As steam shower become more and more popular, as more and more people hear about them, most people that do want one for their next shower.

Imagine you had two identical houses, one with a steam cabin and one without. An absolute massive selling point to that house and its bathroom would be it steam shower. I can guarantee that would be the house that would be sold or bought first, the people viewing the house, especially if they hadn’t seen one before would be talking about the unit all the way home

Steam shower enclosures are not only a wanted item because of their many features, their also desirable for their health benefits. A steam shower unit is as close to a spa retreat you could ever imagine getting in the comfort of your own home. This not only make it a wonderful addition for you and your family but will also be the envy of anyone that sees.

A steam shower enclosure has to be looked at as more than a shower. Not only can you dismantle and take it with you if you ever move home. Its health and other benefits mean this is not only an investment in your bathroom but yourself.

The Ultimate In Home Improvement
A recent survey carried out found that the most desired home improvement items where in the category of hot tubs, saunas and gyms, all of which are health gym related items. Not only would a steam shower improve your bathroom it would fall straight into this desired category.

 sauna image

Good For Your Health

We really cannot stress this enough, we know it,our customers know it and the experts know it. Simple type in steam therapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy or any of the relaxing and reviving benefits a steam shower has to offer into a internet search engine and watch the thousands upon thousands of pages pop-up. It really is FACT that a steam shower will improve your body and mind.

Yes even saying the word makes you stressed and we all know how it affects us physically and mentally. Getting away for the day to day stress’s and grind has never been so important. While in a relaxing steam cabin session you can forget about everything, put on your favorite CD, relax and let the steam sauna and then overhead shower wash away the tension.

There are loads upon loads of different remedies and aromatherapy oil for all different illness and symptoms from coughs and colds to high blood pressure and tea tree oils and lavender for relaxation. Simply add a few drops of this inexpensive oil to the steam outlet and watch as it infuses the steam cabin in a wonderful world of wonder and relaxation. Aromatherapy is proven to benefit the mind and body and is the reason why it is so popular

Chemicals, pesticides, poisons and heavy metals accumulate in our bodies over time throughout the day. Every time you smell car fumes, the reason you can smell them is because the toxic fumes have entered into your body. Most of the free radical chemicals, pesticides, poisons, fumes and heavy metals are dealt with and detoxified naturally, however some remain. These free radicals can cause all kinds of diseases and physical ailments. Therefore, it's important to get them out of the body. Sweating, either through exercise or in a steam sauna is THE only way to rid the body of these toxins.

Boosts Immune System
When the core temperature of the body is increased the natural reaction for the body is to produce antibodies. As with a fever, the body thinks it may be under attack from a virus. As a result of the increase in the body's antibodies, the immune system is strengthened, helping keep the body healthy and fit, fighting off viral infections more effectively.

Other health benefits include:

  • Hydrates, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin
  • Helps relieve pain in arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis sufferers
  • Improves the respiratory system through stimulated circulation
  • Reduces throat irritation
  • Increases body's metabolism


A steam shower enclosure is not really to much more expensive than a normal shower enclosure. However, a normal shower enclosure doesn't include many of the aforementioned benefits that a steam shower enclosure offers. A steam shower will add value and desirability to a house while bringing many health benefits to you and your family.

You can get more information on the benefits and wonderful invention at wikipedia HERE

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