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Kubex Solo Walk In Bath 1220mm x 660mm - SWLR1

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The Solo walk-in bath from Kubex is designed to be completely safe for everyone, seniors and children. The non-slip floor, low level access and secure door closure ensures a worry free experience. A thermostatic mixer allows for constant water temperature, with no sudden spurts of cold or hot water. The fiberglass base and acrylic panels ensure a sturdy unit, for years of maintenance-free service. The pop-up waste feature allows you to let water speedily out of the tub, so you won’t sit for long as the water is draining. The moulded seat offers you the chance to become completely comfortable while you relax in soothing water. This walk-in bath was designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Kubex Solo Walk in Bath 1220mm x 660mm - SWLR1


Kubex Solo Walk in Bath 1220mm x 660mm SWLR1

Walk-in baths are not just a luxurious choice for your bathroom, they are essential but that doesn’t mean they cannot be a stylish luxury. The Solo walk-in bath from Kubex has an easy-open door that seals when you close it, so the water stays perfectly in the tub, and not on your bathroom floor. It provides a safer alternative to traditional tubs. Installing one makes good sense when you’re building or remodelling your bathroom or spa area and are in need of something more suited to your needs.  

Kubex baths deliver a cost-effective bathing solution with their versatility allowing you to transform your existing spa or bathroom into a safe, eye-appealing bathing area, with minimal disruption to the current design of the room. These baths are easily installed, and are pre-set and tested, so the Solo Solution bath arrives ready for easy, speedy installation.

The profiled doorway and low level entry give this bath easy, safe access for everyone in the family, especially seniors, though there is no reason that these baths cannot provide a bathing solutions for other members of the family. The moulded seat with backrest gives you support and comfort, to make your bath more relaxing. The non-slip floor ensures that your Solo walk-in bath can be used confidently. The waste to let water out is pop-up, twin foot operated, which provides faster, simpler emptying at the simple push of a button. 

The features and design of the Solo bath from Kubex make bathing or even showering more enjoyable with elegant design. Getting into and out of conventional bathtubs can be difficult and even dangerous – the assistance provided by the Solo bath eliminates these fears with a simple installation that still looks great in any bathroom. 

If you are a registered disabled person, you can claim back the VAT on this bath product.

Manufactured in the UK, the Kubex Solo walk-in delivers cost-effective, simple bathing and easy access.

Kubex Solo Walk In Bath 1220mm x 660mm SWLR1 Product details

  • Product code: SWLR1
  • Acrylic panels – give your bath a sturdy, secure unit that will allow you to relax more readily
  • Fiberglass base – gives support to the entire bath unit
  • Low level entry – eliminates the cause of many slips and falls when stepping into a conventional tub
  • Pop-up waste – foot operated, so you can drain the water more swiftly before exiting
  • Moulded seat – with contoured backrest – offers you even more comfort while bathing
  • Non-slip floor – safety is job one – adds to your comfort and relaxation
  • Leak-free design – no worries about flooding your bathroom floor

Optional Solution Pack: Please choose from options if desired

  • Thermostatic mixer for shower and bath – no sudden spurts of cold or hot water, and no scalding
  • Two pop-up waste pipes – allow you to empty the bath even more speedily
  • Hose – handy for reaching easily when rinsing off after you have completed your bath
  • Handset – easy to reach and easy to use, to rinse off
  • Bespoke custom-made shower curtain track and curtain – customise your bath with your choice
  • Riser rail – holds hose and handset so that it is easy to reach from your sitting position

Solo Whirlpool 

The eight-jet whirlpool system that you can add to your Solo walk-in bath offers even more benefits than just bathing. This hydrotherapy system is a soothing way to enjoy your walk-in bath, with the effectiveness of in-your-home hydrotherapy. The whirlpool addition is fitted and fully tested by our technicians to assure you that everything is properly installed and working correctly, so you can enjoy your spa experience right away. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Solo walk-in bath from Kubex comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts.


This bath is a bespoke, custom made to order item, so delivery lead times are generally within 7 to 10 working days.

**Note: Mixer and taps are not included with the Kubex Solo walk-in bath.