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Vidalux Sensual Spas Pure E 800 x 800 Electric Shower Cabin

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800 x 800 x 2150mm
The Sensual Spas Pure E 800 by Vidalux is the perfect solutions for those requiring an electric shower cabin. You can use this freestanding shower cabin to install right where your old shower stood, without needing to tile the walls or redecorate your bathroom. The back panels are solid coloured in Crystal White or Ocean Mirror, so they hide the area of your old shower location. Equip your enclosure with a choice of sleek looking electric showers. Enjoy a shower that releases your stress and eases your tired muscles, while it gives your bathroom a sleek, modern look.

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Sensual Spas Pure E 800 Shower Cabin 800mm x 800mm

Spacious, elegant and filled with great features, the Pure E 800 shower by Vidalux is the perfect way to enhance your bathroom or spa room. Made for those that need a cabin that can make use of an electric shower, you have the choice of either a blank cabin or an electric shower supplied, manufactured by a well-respected and trusted brand. You can choose from 8.5 kw or 9.5 kw, depending on your needs.

The power rating of your electric shower is based on your desired heated water flow when you take a shower. The lower 8.5 kw shower will give you a lower flow of hot water than the 9.5 kw thought the running costs are cheaper. If you prefer your water at a greater rate, you may want to choose the Triton 9.5 kw shower.   

The Sensual Spas Pure E range is an excellent choice if your replacing an older shower for ease and convenience. It’s very easily installed, and its self-contained, free standing design allows you to set it up against your wall. The solid coloured back panels cover up any missing tiles or other mess made when you pulled out your old shower. This can save a lot of money on tiling and decorating. You no longer have to worry about shower valves mounted inside your wall, or about a leaky shower.

This range of Pure E showers from Vidalux offers you sleek lines, for a modern look, and a smooth finish that’s easier to keep clean. Available  in 800mm (this model), 900mm or 1000mm square cabins or a larger, 800 mm x 1200 mm enclosure, for lots of extra room. This 800mm model was designed to fit in nearly any bathroom where room is at a premium.

Pure E showers are just what you need if you want an easy, hassle free installation. It’s hard to find any more luxury in a model that fits almost anywhere. Choose the Crystal White or Ocean Mirror finish. They look great and hide the wall behind your old shower location. Each shower cabin has a storage shelf, for anything you use while you’re taking a shower. You may complement your shower with a flip down type seat or a free-standing shower stool.

The Pure E 800 shower cabin comes with a complete installation guide, which takes you step by step through the installation process. If you do have questions, Vidalux has a technical support that is dedicated to their customers only.

Safety and comfort are both high priority in this range of showers. The 5mm safety glass helps your showers remain safe, while the quick release door runners not only make entry and exit easy, but they also make the glass easier to keep clean. With a steel frame and reinforced acrylic base, the free-standing unit is strong and secure.

For blank cabin – Width of area for fitting electric shower is 19cm – Own supplied electric shower width cannot exceed this


Width: 800mm


Height: 2150mm

2 year warranty

Vidalux Pure E 800 Shower Cabin Features

  • Blank cabin, 8.5 Kw or 9.5 Kw Triton electric shower
  • For blank cabin – Width of area for fitting electric shower is 19cm – Own supplied electric shower width cannot exceed this
  • Dedicated technical support – Do you have a question? They have the answer.
  • Complete installation guides – they take you through the installation step by step
  • Money-saving installation – no need to tile or redecorate the area behind the shower, since the coloured back panels will hide it
  • Hand shower – chrome finished and mounted on a riser rail, so it’s fully adjustable for any height
  • Back panel colours – choose Crystal White or Ocean Mirror – either one will create a modern and attractive focal point in your bathroom
  • Adjustable levelling feet – helpful so that you can mount the shower cabinet on any floor
  • Steel frame – for the ultimate in support and durability in your shower choice
  • Reinforced acrylic base – leak-free performance – fits snugly inside the steel frame
  • Interior storage shelf – keep your shampoo, conditioner and body wash handy in the shower
  • Easy solution – you don’t have to spend a lot to remodel your bathroom, large or small
  • Easy installation – follow the provided guide to install your new shower with no hassle
  • Clear front 5mm safety glass – sturdy and good-looking – provides a great focal point for your bath or spa room
  • Quick release door runners – make the storage cabin easier to clean
  • Compliment your shower – with a free-standing stool or a flip down shower seat
  • Coloured back panels – add a touch of colour to your sleek, modern spa room or bath room – cannot be seen through, so you save money on tiling and decoration
  • Triton Electric shower warranty is covered by Triton
  • Easy plumb tray – mounts properly to avoid any leaks in the bottom area of the shower
  • Register your shower for a two-year warranty