Why bathroom renovation can be an investment

Let’s face it, the biggest workhorse in the house (alongside the kitchen) is the bathroom. We spend a lot of time in there, getting ready for work, school and bed; showering, grooming, and (ahem) contemplating life.  Bathrooms and kitchens are also the most complex rooms to renovate, and can sometimes require the skills of trades people to get the renovation done properly.  On the plus side, the bathroom is also

Different lighting options for the bathroom

When it comes to bathroom lighting, all that glitters is gold, despite the cynical maxim. You can make your bathroom a golden real estate asset by installing lighting fixtures that will create an exponentially more functional and beautiful space. A well-lit bathroom should have five types or sources of light—vanity lights, ambiance lights, night lights, spot lights, and general overhead lights. Vanity lights        Vanity lights are vital. A lovely set

Relieving Arthritis in Seniors 

For millions of people, the painful effects of arthritis are a daily aggravation. The World Health Organization notes that osteoarthritis, a type arthritis that is particularly prevalent among seniors, is one of the more disabling diseases in developed countries. Conservative figures from the WHO estimate that almost ten percent of men, and nearly double that rate for women, are suffering from a chronic rheumatic condition. In the United States, for

Decluttering the Bathroom

Three Steps to Organizing Your Bathroom The bathroom is the place where we freshen up in the morning, clean up after a long day at work, and get ready for a night out. It is also the room that is most often neglected and can quickly become cluttered. An organized bathroom is easier to keep clean, find the items needed, and helps reduce stress. These steps can help you declutter

Product Review: Insignia INS8058 and INS8059 Whirlpool Steam Shower Cabin

The Insignia INS8058 and INS8059 are exactly the same shower except that the former is the 1500mm length version and the latter its 1700mm twin. They are both worthy successors to the popular GT8058/59 and have a number of updates to improve the user experience. At 1500mm and 1700mm x 900mm x 2220mm (W x L x H), the Insignia INS8058 and INS8059 are likely to be an option for